Characteristics and usage of renovation

One of the advantages of core and non-coring bits set with PDC (polycrystalline diamond compact) is the option to renovate and exted the lifetime of these tools. Reasons for a renovation can be damaged, or fallen-out PDC cutters.

diamantová vrtná dláta s pcd prvky - matricová

Available services

We renovate PDC non-coring bits as well as core bits.

The renovation service is available for our stable, as well as new customers. Renovation is carried out by complete exchange of the PDC cutter, or by turning it in its socket.

Renovations can be carried out on bits with OD of up to 250 mm / 9,84 inch.

This way we can renovate bits with stell, or matrix core body.

New core and non-coring bits

We also produce new core and non-coring bits of various types and sizes. Take a look at our pages below to find out more!

Examples of renovations of PDC bits

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