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Main categories of core bits and non-coring bits

Diamond and Tungsten Carbide Core BitsDiamond and Tungsten Carbide Core Bits
Diamond and Tungsten Carbide Non-Coring BitsDiamond and Tungsten Carbide Non-Coring Bits
Drilling Accessories – rods, adapters, etc.Drilling Accessories – rods, adapters, etc.

diamond and tungsten carbide core bits

These are tools that are used for core drilling in various kinds of rock formations – from soft to extremely hard rocks with various levels of abrasiveness. This category contains drilling tools like core bits for single and double tube core barrel, wire-line core bits, casing shoes, or reaming shells. Upon technical consultancy, we can provide you with tools of various designs – impregnated, or surface-set tools diamond powder, tools set with polycrystalline (PCD), or tungsten carbide (TC) cutters of various shapes and sizes, etc.

Impregnated Core Bits and Reaming Shells

Surface Set Core Bits and Reaming Shells

PDC Core Bits

Core Bits with crushed Tungsten Carbide

Core Bits with Tungsten Carbide Cutters

Renovation of PDC Coring and Non-coring Bits

diamond and tungsten carbide non-coring bits

Tools used for non-coring drilling of soft to medium-hard and abrasive rock formations. We design our non-coring bits depending on your drilling application – bits with a matrix, or steel core body, bits set with PCD cutters, or tricone bits (steel, or with TC cutters). We renovate your PCD bits upon previous technical consultancy.

PDC non-coring matrix bits

PDC non-coring steel bits

Renovation service of PDC non-coring bits

Tricone Bits

Drilling Accessories – rods, adapters, etc.

We provide drilling accessories for all kinds of drilling rigs / systems, such as rods, adaptors and other parts essential for each drilling rig.

Drilling Accessories – rods, adapters, etc.

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