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main categories of grinding wheels

Diamond and CBN Grinding WheelsDiamond and CBN Grinding Wheels
Diamond Tools for the Glass IndustryDiamond Tools for the Glass Industry
Diamond Dressers and IndentersDiamond Dressers and Indenters
Diamond and CBN Powder and PastesDiamond and CBN Powder and Pastes

diamond and cbn grinding wheels

Our grinding tools are used for machining (grinding or cutting) of extremely hard materials (tungsten carbide, hardened steel, HSS, technical ceramics, etc.) across all possible industries. We produce tools of all shapes and sizes, from diameter 1 to 1000 mm.

Grinding wheels for rotating cutting tools

Peripheral grinding wheels for inserts

Top & bottom flat honing and fine grinding wheels

Grinding Wheels for Woodworking Industry

Grinding pins and wheels for internal grinding

Grinding wheels for broaches

1A1R cut-off wheels

Centerless grinding wheels

Wheels for grinding technical ceramics

Ultratec® – Grinding wheels inhibiting vibrations

1A1 Grinding Wheels of bigger Diameters

Profile grinding wheels

Profiled Grinding Wheels in Metal Bond

Electroplated grinding wheels

Electroplated files and grinding pins

diamond tools for the glass industry

Grinding, polishing, cutting and other tools that are used for machining all kinds of products from various types of glass – from decorative glass, through everyday glassware to safety glass.

Diamond Saw Blades for Glass

Drills for Glass and Ceramics

Diamond Grinding Pellets & Rings for Optical Glass

Grinding Wheels for Crystal Glass

Flat Grinding Wheels 6A2 for Glass

Pencil Edge and Trapezoidal Grinding Wheels

diamond dressers and indenters

Single-point, multi-point and impregnated dressers for dressing conventional abrasives, or other applications and indenters for measuring hardness. These tools find usage in the bearing and automotive industries, precision engineering, or other industries.

Single-point Diamond Dressers

Indenters for measuring hardness

Impregnated and multi-point dressers

Diamond finger gauges

Rotary Diamond Dressers

diamond and cbn powder and pastes

Synthetic, but also natural diamond & CBN powder, or stones for various usage. Pastes for grinding, polishing, and lapping of forms, or other applications.

Diamond pastes / lapping compounds

Diamond and CBN powder

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