Characteristics and usage

Main usage of PDC core bits is during initial drilling of rock formations that are soft, or abrasive. Mainly during setup of construction sites.

They are also used during geological exploration in compact and solid rocks, during exploration drilling for mineral resources, during drilling of soft rocks, coal, salt, limestone and sedimentary rocks.

PDC, also known as PCD bits are set with polycrystalline diamond compact (hence PDC, or PCD) cutters / inserts (read more here). The shape and amount of PDC cutters on a bit are determined with respect to the character of the drilling operation and type of the rock formations to be drilled.

Main benefits:

  • Efficient drilling in compact / solid rocks at high penetration rates
  • Very good flushing capabilities
  • Replaceability of PDC cutters extends life of the bit

Available products and services

Types of PDC cutters

  • Triangular: 4x4x4 mm, or 6x6x6 mm
  • Cubical: 3x3x3 mm, or  4x4x4 mm, or 5x5x5 mm
  • Circular: ø 8 / 11 / 13 mm

Diameter of Bits

ø 46 – 250 mm

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