Characteristics and usage

The usage of bricks that have been calibrated up to 0,1 mm is becoming new standard of today´s construction industry.

For these purposes we offer our diamond grinding calibration wheels for masonry products. Our calibration wheels can be used in grinding machines from all major producers. Moreover, we can also offer tailor-made tools, depending on customer´s request.

Calibrated bricks have many advantages compared to their non-calibrated predecessors

  • Brick laying of calibrated bricks requires less skill
  • Reduction in consumption of mortar, foam, glue, or any other kind of adhesive
  • Savings of time and space in the construction space
  • Better thermo-insulation features

Available products and services

Diameter: from 650 till 1100 mm

Size of segments: 24x10x20 mm

Type of segments Quick Start ®: minimizes the length of the grinding tool´s bedding-in process and the amount of discarded masonry, i.e. material waste.

Abrasiveness of ground material: from low, through medium to extremely abrasive materials

Our calibration grinding wheels are suitable for grinding machines:

Keller, Lingl, Wassmer, or other (depending on the customer´s requirement, we can adjust the wheels)

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