Characteristics and usage

Our segmented diamond saw blades can be used for cutting various mineral materials in the construction, as well as other industries.

Cut materials

  • Asphalt, weathered concrete, green concrete, reinforced concrete
  • Masonry materials, fireclay, SiC materials
  • Electro porcelain, ceramics
  • Construction materials, bricks, lintels, breeze blocks, lock concrete pavement
  • Special materials, slate, basalt, sandstone, cast stone
  • Glass – for saw blades for cutting glass, visit a special page here

Available products and services

Dimensions and blade types:

  • Diameter 115 – 230 mm: laser-welded segments, dry cutting
  • Diameter 250 – 800 mm: standardly-welded segments, cutting with cooling
  • Blade Type: C1, C1S (blade with slant protective segment), C2, C3, Silencio (noise-canceling core)
  • Bore holes: 22,2mm; 25,4 mm; 32 mm; 60 mm; 105 mm
    • Other bore hole sizes upon request

Suitable for following cutting tools & machines:

  • Hand tools
  • Portable cutting machines (gas / electric)
  • Bench cutting machines
  • Special portal cutting machines
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