Characteristics and usage of saw blades

We are offering special diamond saw blades / cut-off blades suitable for cutting regular glass, but more specially for cutting safety glass and fire protection / fire resistant glass.

These types of flat glass are usually made out of multiple layers, i.e. they are laminated and also other interlayers (gels / foils) are being placed between the layers of glass. Thanks to these adjustments, the safety and fire protection types of glass have special characteristics like higher toughness, higher elasticity, durablity against impact, or heat, smoke and UV rays insulation, etc.


Dimensions and types:

  • Diameter: 350; 400 mm;
  • Soldered segments
  • Usable with cooling
  • Core body type:
    • C1 for thick glass above 35mm (wider cut)
    • C2 for glass from 17mm to 35mm (narrow cut)
  • Segment type:
    • Flat
    • Turbo (with diagonal grooves)
  • Bore hole adjustable upon customer´s specification

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