Characteristics and usage

Our saw blades with continuous rim are most suitable for cutting very hard materials. Virtue of this type of wheels is clean, sharp and quality cut.

Cut materials

  • Ceramics, ceramic tiles
  • Sintered stone
  • Porcelain
Diamantové řezací kotouče celoobvodové

Available products and services

Dimensions and product types:

  • Diameter 115 – 230 mm; wet cut (dry cut as an exception)
  • Diameter 250 – 500 mm; wet cut only
  • Type of saw´s body: Standard or Silencio (noice-inhibiting saw body)
  • Bore holes: 22,2mm; 25,4 mm; 32 mm; 60 mm
    • Other size of a bore hole upon request

Suitable for following cutting machines:

Angle grinders for wet and dry cutting
Bench cutting machines for tiles and sintered stone
Special industrial cutting machines

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