Characteristics and usage of single-point dressers

Single-point diamond dressers are fitted with diamond crystal of the size of 0,25 – 5 crt. These dressers are used for all kinds of demanding operations, be it for dressing of flat surfaces, or for dressing of various profiles.

These dressing tools are used for:

  • restoring cutting characteristics of the conventional grinding wheels
  • creating required geometry in the dressed grinding wheel

Available products and services

New dressers

Single-point rough / non-ground dressers

  • with the orientation of the diamond point part
  • suitable for planar dressing (dressing of flat surfaces)
  • we recommend turning the dresser by 90° occasionally to increase the tool´s lifetime
  • when the dresser becomes blunt, we recommend re-setting the dresser with a new diamond, or re-sharpen it

Single-point ground dressers

  • ground / sharpened into a conical / roof / pyramidal shape
  • suitable mainly for dressing special profile in the dressed wheel
  • the diamond crystal needs to be re-sharpened upon becoming blunt
  • available for all major dressing units, e.g. Diaform, Reishauer, etc.

Renovation service

We renovate single-point dressers of our customer, depending upon previous technical consultancy. Contact us here.

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