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Characteristics and usage of grinding rings and pellets

We produce diamond grinding rings and pellets. These tools are suitable for grinding big blocks of glass with either flat, or spherical surface, i.e. lenses (for cameras of all kinds, telescopes, microscopes, binoculars, etc.).

Grinding pellets are usually glued to a bearing metal body / core. Shape of the metal core matches the shape of the ground workpiece. This machining method is used for grinding workpieces of various sizes – for example up to 1000 mm in diameter.

Alternative to the grinding pellets are diamond grinding rings (e.g. for production of telescopic lenses, etc.), which have shape of 1A1 wheels and are also glued to a bearing metal core / body.

Available products and services

We can adjust our tools according to the customer´s requirements.

Grit sizes:

  • Depends on customer´s surface roughness requirements
  • Most frequently D76 (FEPA)


  • We select the right bond upon technical consultancy with the customer

For grinding machines:

Special grinding machines for grindign with this kind of grinding tools

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