Characteristics and usage of flat grinding wheels for glass

Flat grinding diamond wheels (FEPA type 6A2) can be also called surface, or disc grinding wheels (more about disc grinding here). Flat grinding wheels are used for grinding various workpieces from glass (e.g. crystalline pendants for chandeliers, or other decorative purposes, perfume flacons, automobile headlight lenses, etc.), but also from technical ceramics (e.g. cartouches for water taps, etc.) and other similar very hard materials.

This page is dedicated mainly to flat / disc grinding wheels for grinding applications with glass. Information about wheels for similar applications with technical ceramics (and other materials) on flat / disc grinding machines Melchiorre, Peter Wolters, or Stähli can be found on a dedicated webpage here.

Available products and services

Wheel´s characteristics:

  • Bond types: resinous and metal bonds
  • Dimensions: outer diameter up to 500 mm
  • Width of the grinding layer:
    • Subject to technical consultancy.
  • Grit sizes:
    • Can vary quite significantly depending on the ground material and required surface roughness.
    • We standardly provide grits from D20 up to D426 (FEPA).
    • Upon individual consultancy we recommend the right grit for your application.
  • Grinding conditions:
    • Revolutions from 300 up to 1500 RPM

Usable on machines:

Mainly automatic surface grinding machines of majority of machine producers. We can adjust the wheels according to your requirements.

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