Characteristics and usage of drills for glass / ceramics

Our diamond drills for glass and ceramics can be used in machining sodium oxide / potassium oxide glass, or machining of products of all kinds of technical ceramics (aluminium oxide, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, etc.)

Our diamond drills allow production of holes into any kind of workpieces made out of extremely hard materials like glass, or technical ceramics – from flat, through decorative to laboratory glass, or products from technical ceramics to artificial stone and tiles.

Vrtáky na sklo a keramiku

Available products and services

Types of drills:

  • With a thread – for manual drilling machines with 1/2° thread, straight shank
  • Without a thread – for robotic drilling machines for drilling all kinds of materials

Cooling – by water, through centre of the drill

Recommended operating conditions:

Drills Ø 5-30mm – width of glass 0,75mm

Drills Ø above 30mm – width of glass 1mm

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Vrtáky na sklo a keramiku 1
Vrtáky na sklo a keramiku 2
Vrtáky na sklo a keramiku 3
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