Centerless grinding is an effective method of machining vast amount of workpieces down to a required diameter.

By Centerless Gringing, we understand a grinding method, where workpiece is not fixed within a tool holder during the grinding process, but is placed between two wheels. One of which is regulating and the other is a grinding wheel.

The wheels turn in an opposite direction and the turning speed affects the material removal rate. The grinding wheel is made with diamond, or CBN, whilst the regulating wheel is usually made out of rubber to help fix the ground workpiece.

Machined Materials

  • Technical Ceramics
  • Hardened Steels and Powder Steels
  • Tungsten Carbide

Available products and services

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Bond ØD T x Type and Dimensions
Metall 250 60 3 Centerless grinding wheels - drawing
80 3
300 80 3
100 3
350 100 4
150 4
200 4
Resinous 250 60 5
80 5
300 80 5
100 5
350 100 5
150 5


Grinding Layer: We can customize the grit size of the grinding wheel´s active layer(s) to meet the customer´s requirement of the workpieces surface quality / roughness.

Offered services: 

  • As a service, we can true and dress the wheels for our customers.
  • To achieve the best possible result, we true and dress the wheels upon customer´s flange.
  • Contact us for more information.

Applicable grinding machines

Cincinatti, Estarta, Junker, Koyo, Okuma, etc.

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