Top & bottom flat honing and fine grinding wheels

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Characteristics and usage of our wheels

Flat honing, or fine grinding wheels (synonyms are top & bottom, or disc-grinding wheels) are used for grinding of workpieces, where very high precision in height and parallelism is being achieved. Machined parts are fixed in carriers that are placed upon and rotate on a bottom grinding wheel.

Machining can be done with one, or two grinding wheels (top & bottom) at the same time. If a two-wheel system is being used, the wheels turn in opposite sense of rotation.

Machined materials:

  • Technical ceramics (Al2O3, Si3N4, SiSiC, etc.)
  • Steel
  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Ferites
  • Other


Bonds: resinous, vitrified, metal

Diameter: up to 1.000mm

Active grinding layer: grinding layer can be made out of segments of various shapes and sizes (hexagonal, trigonal, straight, curved, etc.)

Grit size: we supply wheels with all standard grit sizes. Selection of the right grit size depends on the desired surface roughness of the ground workpiece

Renovation service: we can renovate wheels of our customer

For dimensions / services that are not listed above, contact our Sales Department for a technical consultancy.

Grinding Machines:

Diskus, Linear Abrasive, Melchiorre, Modler, Peter Wolters, Stähli, Supfina, Thielenhaus, Viotto, Wendt, or other (depending on customer´s need)

Information leaflet

Examples of our grinding wheels

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