Peripheral Grinding Wheels for Indexable Inserts

Characteristics and usage of our wheels

One of our main focus areas are grinding wheels for production of Indexable Inserts.

Our wheels in the production of indexable inserts

Indexable insert is a cutting tool that is fixed in a tool holder and used for machining various materials, e.g. steel, wood, plastics, aluminum, etc. Indexable inserts can be used for all kinds of cutting applications – milling, turning, hole-making and threading. Majority of indexable inserts can be rotated to benefit from multiple (up to 8) cutting edges.

Indexable Inserts are made mainly by sintering metalic materials. Basic materials used for production of indexable inserts are tungsten carbides, cermets, technical ceramics and super-hard materials Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) and Polycrystalline CBN (PCBN).

Characteristics of the insert are influenced by its chemical composition. However, all inserts would be useless without correct shape / geometry. Geometry of an insert affects characted and performance of the machining process.

Thanks to many years of experience and continuous research, we can offer our customers  solutions that increase the value of their grinding processes in the area of indexable inserts.


Bonds: resinous, hybrid, vitrified, intermetall

Grit size by bond type: 

  • Resinous – standardly from D39 till D64, i.e. 400/500 till 230/270 mesh
  • Hybrid – standardly from D15 till D27, i.e. 625/833 till 313/463 mesh
  • Vitrified – standardly from D12-8 µm (also known as D9) till D14-10 µm (also known as D10), i.e. 1042/1563 till 893/1250 mesh

Wheel diameter: up till 500 mm depending on bond type and grinding machine type

Grinding Machines: our wheels are usable on grinding machines from all world´s prime producers like: AgathonEWAG, HAASWaida, Wendt, etc.

Renovation services: upon individual agrement, we can renovate customer´s wheels with new active grinding layer

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